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Archive for Sorcery 101

Chapter 1: Intro

While learning magic, even a simple trip to the video store is complicated. 19 pages long.

Chapter 2: Predators

When Danny is robbed and his friends are all busy, he gets help from his last resort. 30 pages long.

Chapter 3: Life Lessons

Danny must help one of his students with a love spell gone wrong. 26 pages long.

Chapter 4: Wild Things (5 parts)

Part 1

Danny and his friend Brad are jumped by wolf demons. It’s up to Brad’s wife Ally to save them. 32 pages long.

Part 2

Little Rebecca is left alone with one of Danny’s students. Danny and Brad have warn the kid what he is in for. 29 pages long.

Part 3

Newbie werewolf Jeff was grabbed by vampires. With Seth’s help, Brad and Danny infiltrate a vampire party to save him. 34 pages long.

Part 4

Jeff is rescued but the gang is caught. To get them out of it, Seth has agreed to a gamble he will surely lose. 27 pages long.

Part 5

Seth faces off with Suryu while everyone else can only look on. 33 pages long.

Chapter 5: Responsibilities (4 parts)

Part 1

Ally is called to help her cousin fight off some local demons that are causing trouble. 27 pages long.

Part 2

Ally, Pat, and Danny prepare for facing off with the demons. Ally and Danny also meet up with Danny’s old flame Trish.  21 pages long.

Part 3

Danny and Trish argue about Seth, he and Ally do recon for the up coming fight. 28 pages long.

Part 4

Ally, Danny, and Pat face off with the demons. 28 pages long.

 Chapter 6: Old Allies

Danny learns about Pat’s past. (being redone.)

Chapter 7: And Out Come the Wolves (3 parts)

Part 1

Brad accidentally bites Danny and has to explain to cure werewolvism. 21 pages long.

Part 2

Danny and Brad help out at Ally’s bar and end up with news for Seth.  33 pages long.

Part 3

Danny and Brad are lured into a trap by one of Ally’s coworkers. 32 pages long.

Chapter 8: Business as Usual

While asking for a raise, Ally is instead given the job to break her mother out of prison. 40 pages long.

 Chapter 9: Migraines

Natalie has a medical issue which has supernatural origins. 34 pages long.

 Chapter 10: Attention To Detail

Danny and Pat help a vampire rescue her girlfriend. 33 pages long.

Chapter 11: My Permanent Accessory

While Ally is at a party with her boss, Seth tries to talk a drunk Brad into bad decisions. 32 pages long.

Chapter 12: Glass Houses

Pat reluctantly goes to Ally for help, only to have to Brad and Danny greet him. 25 pages long.

 Chapter 13: New Class

The new school year starts and an old enemy of Danny’s returns. 24 pages long.

Chapter 14: Holding Out For a Hero

Danny’s cousin Damien shows up to threaten Danny and his girlfriend. 32 pages long.

Chapter 15: Frequently Secretly

Jeff thinks his friend Conner might know he is a werewolf. 28 pages long.

Chapter 16: Fathers

A friend of Brad’s father offers him a job with a large catch. 29 pages long.

Chapter 17: Ways of a Woman In Love

Danny and Ally learn how Trish and Seth met. 23 pages long.

Chapter 18: Orders

Pat and Ally are arrested by the Mage Council. Danny and Brad try to rescue them. 42 pages long.

 Chapter 19: That’ll Make This Easier

Jeff as a few problems when his soccer game falls on a full moon. 30 pages long.

Chapter 20: Love is a Losing Game (2 parts)

Part 1

Danny goes on a date with one of Ally’s employees. 21 pages long.

Part 2

Danny comforts a broken hearted Trish. 19 pages long.

 Chapter 21: My Secret Life

Brad helps out the newbie werewolves. 34 pages long.

 Chapter 22: White Knight

When Danny visits his parents with Trish, Danny gains insight to how bad his bond with Seth. 35 pages long.

 Chapter 23: January Friend

All the newbie werewolves have a difficult first winter. 21 pages long.

 Chapter 24: Burnt

Ally’s sister tries to kill her mom. Ally has to enlist Seth’s help to stop her. 37 pages long.

 Chapter 25: Territories

Kayla and Brad try to find solutions to prevent future run ins with wolf demons. 20 pages long.

 Chapter 26: Magic Eyes

Pat panics because a cult grabs Will. 21 pages long.

Chapter 27: Undead Army

Connor and Jeff have run in with the failed necromancer Ramon. 27 pages long.

Chapter 28: Enemies (2 parts)

Part 1

Danny confides in Ally what has been worrying him since he visited his parents. 17 pages long.

Part 2

Danny and Seth end up on opposite sides of a conflict, only to get more bad news. 32 pages long.

Chapter 29: Warning Signs

Danny’s old sorcery teacher comes to help the newbie wolves. 25 pages long.

Chapter 30: When I Fall (2 parts)

Part 1

Kayla tries to talk Pat out of his depression. 17 pages long.

Part 2

Ally and Suzanne visit her mom while Pat joins Alpha Phoenix.  16 pages long.

 Chapter 31: Back to Black

Seth starts his revenge on Danny. 21 pages long.

 Chapter 32: Come Undone

When Jackie comes to drop Natalie off early, she questions Danny about his injuries. Suzanne has her final show down with Seth. 21 pages long.

 Chapter 33: Past Whispers

Rita and Cal ask Ally for help with with a ghost, but instead Brad and Lope answer the request. 30 pages long.

 Chapter 34: Past Whispers

Rita and Cal ask Ally for help with with a ghost, but instead Brad and Lope answer the request. 29 pages long.

 Chapter 35: Taken

Pat’s sire Suryu decides she wants Pat back working for her. 31 pages long.

 Chapter 36: Nightmares

Danny tries to solve what is behind the bad dreams he is having. He thinks Seth is connected to them. 30 pages long.