Warm up drawings for February

These are all of my warm up sketched for the month of February. I take requests from anyone who backs my patreon at $2 a month. If you want to request something for March, head over there. I spend roughly 10 minutes on these and do them during my live streams. In order these drawings are Harry from Widdershins, Kit

Warm up Drawings for January

So last month I started doing live streams that where Patreon backers can suggest what my warm up drawing are. To get the ball rolling while I wait for requests I drew some werewolves from webcomics I like.  So here are Clifford from Wilde Life, Jasper from The Glass Scientists, Luke from the Lonely Vincent, and Tam from Mooncakes. All

Daily Dresden Drawings – Summer Knight Lily

Last person to appear in Summer Knight is Lily. She is in photos and stone before, but this is the first time we actually she her as a person. She has long limbs and curves. I tried to make her sorta trying to sink into herself and be unsure since Lily isn’t good at taking care of herself at this

Daily Dresden Drawings – Summer Knight Mother Summer

Mother Summer is described as bent with age and having a rosey face. Since all the Summer Court is usually the nicer side of fairy I tried to shoot for a friendly grandmother look in her face. Not much is said about what she is wearing, but since the courts mirror each other I figured she would also wear a

Daily Dresden Drawings – Summer Knight Mother Winter

So no head shots for Mother Winter because we don’t see her face in her first appearance. We really only see her old hands which are knitting and withered. She is described as a moving pile of clothes, that is just a robe and a shale. Sorcery 101 is now kickstarting a 750 page Omnibus. It is the first half