Warm up drawings for February

These are all of my warm up sketched for the month of February. I take requests from anyone who backs my patreon at $2 a month. If you want to request something for March, head over there. I spend roughly 10 minutes on these and do them during my live streams. In order these drawings are Harry from Widdershins, Kit

Warm up Drawings for January

So last month I started doing live streams that where Patreon backers can suggest what my warm up drawing are. To get the ball rolling while I wait for requests I drew some werewolves from webcomics I like.  So here are Clifford from Wilde Life, Jasper from The Glass Scientists, Luke from the Lonely Vincent, and Tam from Mooncakes. All

Daily Dresden Drawings – Summer Knight Lily

Last person to appear in Summer Knight is Lily. She is in photos and stone before, but this is the first time we actually she her as a person. She has long limbs and curves. I tried to make her sorta trying to sink into herself and be unsure since Lily isn’t good at taking care of herself at this