New Episode of Dirty Old Ladies: Where We Get Our Ideas

Hey folks! Amanda, Spike, and I got another episode of our podcast up. Give us a listen about where we get our ideas! We talk about how ideas come from everywhere and getting the ideas are easy. The tricky part is nurturing and developing them. Ideas come from what we wonder about and think is missing in the stories we

A Series of First Impressions: Avatar the Last Airbender

Joe, Kristen, and I all watched Avatar the Last Airbender together! Kristen picked the show this time but it’s one we all love. I try to say the whole intro from memory. We talk about how common the storyline of “I’m a girl but I can still fight” is. And a whole bunch more. Give us a listen. Next month we

New Episode of Dirty Old Ladies: Printing a Book

Hey folks! Spike, Amanda, and I got a new episode of our podcast Dirty Old Ladies up. We are talking about prepping a book for print. Spike talks about hiring help with her color books, I talk about how I redrew a large part of Sorcery 101, and Amanda talks about how she went with a digital printer rather than

New Dirty Old Ladies Episode about Comixology!

Amanda, Spike, and I are back on the podcasting train! We posted a new episode of Dirty Old Ladies which is a step by step guide about Comixology submit. Comixology is a great resource to indy comic creators but some folks have been confused about how to get their comic up there. So we hope this episode helps you get